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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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[applause] president newlin: welcome to the meeting of the entertainment commission of the city and county of san francisco. the first item will be a call to order, and roll call. [applause] -- [laughter] commissioner lee: here. vice chair joseph: yere. commissioner hyde: here.
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president newlin: here. >> we have a quorum. commissioner tan is out of the country. i have not heard from commissioner perez or commissioner kelcavellini. president newlin: public comment. members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to agenda items, members of the public might address the commission for up to three minutes at the time such item is called. would anybody here like to speak about anything? jocelyn? ok. item two, review and approve the minutes of april 24 and may 8. i am understanding we can only due may 8. i am sorry.
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we cannot do may 8. we will continue may 8 and have a motion on april 24. >> just for the record, commissioner perez has arrived. president newlin: welcome. do we have a motion on the minutes from april 24? no? >> i do not have the minutes in my book. >> want to use mine? >> i move to approve. commissioner lee: aye. vice chair joseph: aye. commissioner hyde: aye. commissioner perez: aye. president newlin: aye. reports from the executive director. if you would give us the
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pleasure. >> good evening. this will be quick. i do not have that much to say. i wanted to update you -- hopefully, in your binders, you have my one-page memo, and a bunch of stuff behind it. we are continuing discussions on party bosses -- busses. at the behest of commissioner hyde, we continue to come to grips with they way we might not necessarily regulate, but assist in their operation in san francisco, or in some way to work with the venue operators to make the business model of bringing people who are already intoxicated into the city, dropping them off on the street. not a viable business model anymore. i. attached this, if anyone wants to take a look.
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assemblyman hill, a bill he introduced last year which failed to move forward -- we are going to go ahead and have a meeting, hopefully, end of june, invite as many party bus operators as i can get my hands on, including supervisors chiu and olague, and keep trying to find a creative solution to the problem that continues to exist in parts of the city, as operators may or may not allow these folks in. we still have these buses coming to these corridors. we obviously do not want them here. again, i will keep you updated on that. we, the entertainment commission, participated in small business week, which was all of last week. essentially, we attended the kickoff event at city view last monday.
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along with our new banner, which is amazing -- i have all these photos of it. there is a new card, which hopefully you have in your hand. is it not nice? we have some collateral material that is really -- i know. that is great. we do have a banner, for anybody else. it is easy to put up and down for any presence we have outside city hall. we want to make sure everyone knows the commission does. i felt that was a good thing to spend some time on. also, i included, behind your memo, the article i mentioned two weeks ago about the right belongs -- ridealongs with an
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"examiner" reporter and photographer. i thought it was really positive. i hope some of you saw it. >> it was a great article. i called you to compliment you, but you were gone. >> thank you very much. we will see if it has an impact on the budget, which is part of my planting. otherwise, it pubs and it obviously to have good press -- obviously helps to have good press. as you know, it has been about a month -- i think i cannot remember the exact date -- that the telling -- towing changed from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m..
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officer matthias is not here, and i was counting on it. basically, from april 6 through may 12, there was 109 tows. to me, that is a lot. when we look at the other weekend that comes to us, older information -- a somewhat consistent number, if you put it all together. it may not have impacted the number of tows. i will get more information about what the quality of them, and the context. are they different kinds of vehicles than they were at 8:00? are they the same? it still seems like a lot, which i think is something we wanted to fix. i will get back to you on that. i just did not want to lose track of it. i also attached, even though it was not on the agenda, an
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article that i just found out about yesterday, about bart, talking about a proposal, and looking for grant funding to run buses along part routes, essentially, 2:00 a.m. through 3:00 a.m. some of you are shaking your head. i attached the article. it is a baby step in the direction of understanding that we need more late night transportation. that is a really big issue. i made a phone call to bart board members and got a phone call right back. they are very interested in hearing more from this industry about how many people, in particular, working people -- not necessarily patrons. if they do run buses to 3:00 a.m. from the city out certain routes, it will probably capture a bunch of patrons. but then we have the problem of people who worked in this
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industry. i sent them a link to the economic impact study, the numbers of people who work in this industry. if even a small portion of them are working a regular 7:00 a.m. -- 7:00 p.m. through 3:00 a.m. shift, they are not going to be able to take advantage of it. there were very open. at the moment, it looks like a one-year grant-funded trial. there is a lot of room to move it around. if there is any way to bridge the gap when trains are actually running, that is what we are after. >> i have a question. the economic impact report -- this came on its own? not because somebody read the economic impact reports and realized there were about 48,000 people and a quarter of them using part would be a big deal? >> i do not know the answer to
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that. if you want to call them, maybe you can. there has been a question for a long time for overnight transit in the bay area, and in particular, one bart board member is pushing not forward. i think i married those today in terms of the statistics we now have from the industry. we will get more and see how it goes. >> just another question. if the board decided to move this forward, do you think muni would follow? >> you are asking me transportation policy questions, and i do not know the answer. >> if bart did it, that would be something. >> unfortunately, and probably cannot go any further, since i did not put this on the agenda, and it was sort of a late query on my part.
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we can continue to talk about that. thankfully, i do not have any corrective actions to report. >> i was actually out of town, so i do not have a lot to report. just a few things. in your binders, you will see my report. brick and mortar, we had met with the ownership of brick and mortar. we had continuous sound complaints. we gave them a deadline of the 26 off of this month to get their new soundproofing into the venue. i have been in contact with neighbors. we will see how that progresses. if that does not happen or is inadequate, and we continue to get complaints, you will probably be hearing the request some kind of bringing them forward, or some corrective action.
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another piece is at the tavern -- abby tavern, out in the richmond. it is an old school college bar. it continues to be a problem. its seemingly continues to be more of a problem. i am not sure which direction we are going with that, i will be talking to richmond station about it. there was a problem in the last few weeks where they did some college graduation super party, and had absolutely no crowd control. the eight units had to be called in to do crowd control. it is something we are going to have to deal with. when i have more information on that -- this is only my first day back, so give me a few days.
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under violence, you will see an incident for the parlor. this was reported at the parlor. think it was across the street. the unit responding used the parlor as a location reference. from the security reports we received, the incident happened across the street from the venue. did not happen in their venue. it happened across the street. their security and park police intervened. they did everything right. they were able to identify this particular suspect. they were able to help police control the scene. this is a positive, not a strike against them. i think it is an important distinction. it could not be a good
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commission meeting without bringing upper [ -- up [ unintelligible]. when we get that compliant -- i have to do a bit of follow-up. my next commission meeting, i should have a pretty straight meeting of whether we want to bring them up for suspension, or revoke, or whatever. this commission asked me to keep them apprised of the particular situation. finally, we had the roger waters concert on the 11th. we had very few complaints on this particular event. there are people in the immediate area who complained, which prepared the much expected. as far as complex across the
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city, it just did not happen. in this particular show, the new sound system style was used, which is known as surround sound. what that means is instead of the traditional large front of house? you see a major the arena shows, they use much smaller stocks in front. they used six smaller stacks stationed around the venue, more behind the crowd as opposed to in front of the crowd, high up, pointing down. that creates a clearer sound with less actual volume. you get a much better sounding show, and it actually controls the sound better. we are talking to at&t park.
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we would love to see a few more conversations before making it a surround sound only venue, but we will see. it is a good possible step, technology finally catching up to the issues we need resolved. if that is it, i have no more for you. >> i just wanted to make a comment about the sound system. the other interesting thing about that type of sound system -- i installed one recently with the same idea at another venue. the speakers are short throw. instead of having an unlimited throw, they throw for a certain amount of feet. in this case, i do not know whether it was 40 feet or 50 feet. the one i installed was 10 feet. i installed 14 stacks. that is an interesting concept. it is new technology. it has been really effective.
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>> it has been effective in venues and concert halls, and so forth. they use less wattage. the bigger the stack, the more wanted to compound through. this is going in the opposite direction. >> i have a question. the roaring 20's and the garden of eden -- how close are they to permanent venues? are they next door? down the block? >> garden of eden is literally within feet. it is probably 30 feet. it is near in paula. it is the other side. garden of eden is within about 30 feet of impala. roaring 20's is very close to condor, which is permitted by
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us. >> the reason i ask is a was commented on your e-mail. >> now that you bring it up, we are starting to get these reports. the littering laws are starting to be implemented. i have no data to back this up. i am hopeful that one of the things the police have been talking about a long time is that these 18-plus strip clubs are some of the problems with robbery. the loitering in front of them creates issues. guys loiter. they get bored. they walk around the street and cause problems. "we are hoping to see -- and i do not have the data to back it up. we will need a few months. with this going on, maybe we will see a decrease in problems and those kind of issues. i could be totally wrong there.
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i am hoping we will have a positive effect. >> i was wondering. you were talking about the short throw speakers, and stuff like that. a few weeks ago, i was talking about el rio, and the use of an outdoor venues. they are frequently open spaces. is there a possibility to have some francisco, for its problems between neighbors and people with back patio's? >> there is the finale that potential. as commissioner joseph has said, it is a new technology. a lot of it is based on digital or computer-based religious systems. -- relay systems.
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the length of sound accord between speaker and source causes delay. they have conquered that by installing these digital systems that, for that delay. it continually equals everything out. everything sounds like it is coming out at the same time. really, there is a computer figuring out where to speed up or slowed down certain things. but it is a new technology. as far as what you are talking about, i think it does have the potential of making big steps in that direction. quite honestly, it is going to take a while. every situation is pretty new with this stuff. working with somebody like sauternes associates, which is an engineering firm in the nation and globally. it would be great to talk to
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them and get some of their data input. but long-term vision, absolutely. >> and they take out a certain amount of megahertz. >> since it is new technology, does that mean it is also more expensive at this point? >> radically so. give it a year, and it will probably be cheaper and more affordable. >> -- president newlin: that concludes the directors' report. any public comment on that? seeing none, police department comments and questions. seeing none, any public comment?
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item five, you are on. hearing and possible action regarding alications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. this is for bluestem brasserie, 1 yerba buenda lane, limited live performance permit. the actual -- we accidentally schedule this for the last meeting, so we need to do something with that. i missed the last meeting. it was voted on? >> yes. president newlin: ok. why can't we just -- it must be heard tonight? >> it was heard before the 30 day notice period was up.
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president newlin: do we have the applicant here? >> i do not see the applicant. >> we have to rescind it before we discuss it. >> i am not sure the order. >> i move to rescind. president newlin: all those in favor? same boat, col. same house, same call. ok. >> this is located on yerba buena lane near market street. it is a full-service restaurant, and a limited live performance permit would allow live performances to a company brunch service. staff has not received any letters, e-mails, calls, or objections. in front of you, you have proposed conditions from sfpd. that is it.
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president newlin: is there a company b who wants to speak to this issue? are you guys just have nothing to do and want to hang out at our meeting? >> from southern station. southern station does recommend the approval of the application, with the written conditions you have in front of you. president newlin: excellent. vice chair joseph: why is a condition that they stop at 8:00? >> initially, the application was -- we decided to give them an extra window, in case things ran late. this was for the lunchtime crowd. we decided to expand the window by four hours. they ask for 4:00 p.m. [laughter] president newlin: ok.
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commissioners? >> if it is a limited life permit that extends to 10:00? >> that are not open. >> that are open until 11:00 p.m. >> oh, they are? >> after a year, the permit may be extended to 11:00. >> that are only going to be open until 11:00 anyway, right? >> the only wanted until 4:00. we are giving them until 8:00. >> they wanted it for the brunch crowd. we gave them an extra four hours. >> i do not mean to be a
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stickler on a point like that. >> the limited liability is set at 10:00 in general. there are really no residence in the area. it is mostly happy hour. do we do the regular thing until 10:00? >> is that the standard operating procedure? i do not think there will be any objection. president newlin: any other questions? i think we need an emotional -- we need a motion with an amendment. >> i would like to move to approve the limited live, changing condition number four to 10:00 p.m. for consistency. >> same house, same call?
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president newlin: thank you for coming in. commissioner comments and questions. i assume there is no public comment. >> do you want to hear public comment? >> yes. >> ok. >> tomorrow night at the lgbt center, beginning at 5:00 thursday, going until 7:00, i think, or maybe 7:30, will be a conversation with mary ella castro, daughter of raul castro, the president of cuba, and the niece of fidel. why is it relevant? she was instrumental in changing the attitudes and laws in cuba on lgbt folks. she is pro gay marriage, pro transgender health, hiv. she is going to be making a
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presentation. it is open to the public free of charge. come early. it is going to be slammed. >> when is it? vice chair joseph: tomorrow. i suggest you arrive between 5:15 and 5:30 in order to get in. she will probably not be there until 5:45. having said that, that is my comment. >> i would also like to invite everyone to the local production of "the vagina monologues." the cast includes supervisor malia cohen and others. it is women of color united
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against violence. i have been a volunteer in this production for about eight years. vice chair joseph: will everyone be there? >> it is this friday at 7:30. president newlin: anybody else? >> i just wanted to say that last night the harvey milk club had their soiree, which was fantastic. as a result, today, on harvey milk fifth birthday -- happy birthday. today was named jose saria day at the board chambers. and the harvey milk club -- this is the first time he has been recognized with a proclamation in our city. we are really excited about that. he has a street, but the other is a day to go with that street. maybe we would